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The 2 Main Components of The Right Way to Live

Previously, we discussed about the existence of such thing as a “right way to live.”

Here, we will explore more what is that “right way to live.”

The right way to live needs to meet two important criteria:

  1. It must be based on truth and goodness alone
  2. It must remain competitive and resistant against external threats

Let’s explore in-depth for each of the criterion.

The right way to live must be based on truth

Truth here means divine truth and reality. In other words, life cannot be built on fake reality.

An example of fake reality is like the fiat money in our modern system today. Money is created by pumping numbers on a screen from the Central Bank. It is a fake money. And the whole economy is built of fake money.

Real money on the other hand is something found in nature, not arbitrarily created like gold and silver. These commodities are valued in and of itself, and not controlled by any central authority. In other words, even if the government does not declare gold as money, it will still be money because people will still find gold valuable.

Whereas fiat money will stop having its value once the government said so. Weird, huh? No! Because it is fake money in the first place.

By extension, the right way to live must only recognise that there is only one God as the supreme authority and ruler.

Why? Because it is the truth.

The truth is that there is only the one supreme God. And to deny that is the supreme evil.

A way of life / civilization that is not based on God’s laws and commandments is a fake life/civilization and the king is a fake king.

That is because true power and sovereignty comes from God.

The right way to live must remain competitive and resistant against external threats

Being on the path of truth alone won’t make injustice and oppression go away. The bearers of the truth must prepare to live a very competitive life.

This means they need to be strong, wealthy, and powerful. They need to be resistant against their enemies’ attack.

After all, God is both Most Loving and Mighty.

This is very difficult for those on the path of truth because their enemies always have an unfair advantage.

I mean, if you can print your own money, you can be rich and powerful beyond even your wildest dreams! And it is indeed through this mechanism that the globalists control the world today.

And those who can’t print money will always be weaker and less powerful.

So how can the truth bearers keep up and still remain strong despite such perceived weakness?

It is definitely possible if one studies evolutionary biology, history, human psychology and, of course, most importantly, get guidance from God Himself.

From my studies, I have found that the most important principle is organic sustainable growth, which I will further write in the future, if God wills.

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