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Asyhadu Posts

Is something good because it is good or because God says so? Analysing Euthyphro’s Dilemma

I keep seeing this popular notion among Muslims: “something is haram because God says so. Full stop. You have no say in it.” But what if God says cutting off…

The Humiliating Defeat of Leading Youtuber Islamophobe “Apuss” (Apostate Prophet)

If it’s not enough that the Mohammed Hijab made a 6-hour video refuting Apostate Prophet (aka Ridvan), now you have them getting head-on-head (despite unexpectedly) with AP (right now call…

Book Review: “Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam” by Mohammad Malkawi

This book compares the political economy of capitalism and that of Islam. Capitalism is showing critical symptoms of its failure: financial crashes, inequality, moral deterioration, and decline of productivity. The author presents Islam as an ideology that can compete and replace capitalism for good.

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