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The Liberal Religion

How sound is liberalism? You would be surprised to know that liberalism is actually an ideology full of myths. There is no backing for its core doctrines. There is no basis for what is called ‘human rights’. That is what Mohammed Hijab, in this lecture calls the Liberal Religion.

The video is 1 hour 45 minutes, but going through it’s first hour and 20 minutes is suffice

If you like philosophy or general history this is a great lecture to watch. Mohammed Hijab discussed how liberalism grew. The founding father of liberalism was John Locke which is quite ironic if you think about it. It was him who came with the idea of human rights and human equality. But all those morals he talked about had a backing- which was the Bible. John Locke defended his ideas using the Bible!

So you see, the idea of human rights and human equality that came from liberalism actually had a religious backing. Christianity and God was the moral indicator. Now subsequently, especially after the Second World War, the term human rights started to become very popular, following the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights 1948. What is ironic is that people think that human rights were the product of atheists. Liberalists take pride in their morality when it was actually backed by religion during its foundation.

But what’s the problem? Why can’t we just have human rights today? It doesn’t even matter about who’s the originator…

It’s not about who first came out with the idea of human rights. In fact, human rights is already something central to one’s fitrah.

The thing is… it is 100% incoherent for one to argue that atheists can justify human rights without bringing God into the picture. If you could, email to me or comment below and let’s see if you could actually justify human rights from an atheistic worldview. This is what Mohammed Hijab explains in much greater detail in his lecture.

I strongly recommend you to watch the video above if you have some familiarity with some philosophical terms. Don’t worry, Mohammed Hijab does not deal much with philosophy it’s just that is much easier to catch up if you had some ideas of basic philosophy.

Alternately you can watch this video below if you think you have never listened to any moral philosophy or read my post here and here.

universal declaration of human rights -  the liberal religion

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