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The Humiliating Defeat of Leading Youtuber Islamophobe “Apuss” (Apostate Prophet)

If it’s not enough that the Mohammed Hijab made a 6-hour video refuting Apostate Prophet (aka Ridvan), now you have them getting head-on-head (despite unexpectedly) with AP (right now call him ‘Apuss’) getting ‘educated’ by Mohammed Hijab.

The most important part you have to see is this:

Watch it, you won’t regret.

You can see the Apuss that has 231K subs on Youtube doesn’t even have basic understanding of moral philosophy. Every moral philosopher knows that there are only TWO types of morality: Subjective and Objective morality. However, Apus claims there’s a third one!

Also, watch the full discussion here:

Just some context to the video, Apuss offered to be on Adam Salleh and Slim’s podcast (Youtube: Socially Profiled) to have an exchange about Islam, though it seems very obvious that Apuss Ridvan was only trying to take advantage of Adam Salleh and Slim because they are not so knowledgable dealing with arguments against Islam. But then Mohammed Hijab was unexpectedly invited into the call giving Apuss an internal breakdown.

Apuss failed on all levels to the point that I don’t even understand why there are people who are still following. Luckily some are beginning to see the real Apuss.

I mean there are better and more intellectual non-muslims out there who are more professional and intellectually capable than this clown Apus. Cosmic Skeptic, Richard Dawkins, Sean Caroll. But why Apuss? Why? Mohammed Hijab giving Apuss a visit is already like a lion giving mercy to a sheep.

The Mohammed Hijab – Ridvan Ordeal

Over the past weeks there had been quarrels between Mohammed Hijab and the apostate gang including Apuss, Gondal, David Wood, and others. Mohammed Hijab was accused of being harsh and impolite to Apuss. But the truth cannot be further. What you all have to know that Hijab is a very nice guy if you are nice, and he can be very mean if you are mean, especially matters concerning Allah, the Prophet, Quran, and Muslims.

Why would Apuss be treated in a kind way? He mocked Islam, mocked the Prophet, mocked Allah, and he, together with David Wood tore the pages of the Quran and ate them. It was not only childish but stupid.

The tweet below is concerning Mohammad Hijab’s (not even a mockery) question to Apus’s wife. Anyone with a right mind can clearly see the hypocrisy.

How about MH telling Apus to commit suicide? Isn’t that wrong, isn’t that barbaric 6th century thinking? Look at the question:


Mohammed Hijab is simply stating the point that for an atheist like Apus, it is better to simply commit suicide since life has no meaning whatsoever. Isn’t that true? It’s not even a mockery. What’s wrong with committing suicide in an atheistic worldview?

The truth is, if you are sincere and polite, Mohammed Hijab is polite too. MH kindly invited Rationality Rules (also a Youtuber who criticised Islam) for a dialogue, because he is someone who is respectful and deserves respect. MH also requested a dialogue with Logan Paul.

All in all, everything that Apus gets is what he deserved. Who the hell does he think to insult and mock Islam?

The defeat of apus in one meme
cringe apostate is next…

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