Human Rights VS Righteousness in Islam

The declaration of Human rights by the United Nations (UN) is sought as one of the greatest achievement in human moral and the progress of humanity since the second world war. Truth to be told however, although with the ongoing human rights, human moral and behavior is declining to its lowest.

We don’t have to go very far to see this. Liberty and democracy is one of the main pillars of the so-called human rights. In the name of liberty, same-sex marriage is legalised, not married same-sex relationship is legalised, sex without marriage (zina) is legalised, wearing tight clothes on the streets are legalised, alcohol consumption is legalised, gambling is legalised, riba is legalised.

FIFA World Cup- A Pointless Sport Event?

A bunch of guys chasing a ball in a field has become the highlight of the third quarter in 2018. Football fans all around the world are going wild just to see a bunch of guys chasing a ball in a field. Come on, the FIFA World Cup, 4 years once, who would want to miss it?

But, seriously think about it, what’s the point of spending tonnes of money for a sports event? I like football too, you know, but- look around you.  We have people suffering and dying in the embargo in Yemen,  people suffering in Palestine, refugees with malnutrition and without a place to live from Syria and Libya, famine in Africa, human trafficking in Russia, Belarus, Iran and many other parts of the world, countless of homeless people under the bridge, and all we care about is spending our money on broadcasting a football event?