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Book Review: “Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam” by Mohammad Malkawi

This book compares the political economy of capitalism and that of Islam. Capitalism is showing critical symptoms of its failure: financial crashes, inequality, moral deterioration, and decline of productivity. The author presents Islam as an ideology that can compete and replace capitalism for good.

How to not be fooled by false interpretations of the Quran

This article aims to enlighten the readers with basic skills they should practice in order to identify false interpretations of the Quran. It should also be noted that the writer himself is a student of knowledge, and that any human can be imperfect, therefore, the writer ardently invites the readers to give their opinions out in the comments section. If God willed, I will write a better version of this article in the future.

Fearing Rationality- Does Reason Drive us Away from God?

Why some Muslims fear and oppose rationality heavily? They claim that Islam isn’t compatible with rationality, because the minds of a human is limited. They further claim that the only way to be ‘safe’ is only by following their religious scholars, not by rationality. Don’t they know that Allah told that His signs are for those who give thought?