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Hafsa Azhari

This is a birthday wish to someone who has brighten up my life so much,
But more than that she has opened me up to my own strength within me,
Who gives me hope when it was almost lost.

I cannot thank her enough for not giving up on me,
My pain, my trauma, my struggles,
She accepted me for who I am,
And instead of running away from me,
She joined me on the boat,
Together sail with me on the rough seas,
Because she knows,
Love is a commitment,
It requires strength and bravery,
And that’s what she is willing to give,
She is the bravest girl I know.

Sail away, sail away,
Times are not always as pleasant as we want,
Hurdles are not always as small as we think,
But with her besides me,
Everything becomes easier.

Hafsa Azhari,
Happy 23rd birthday,
I’ve chosen you from the moment you shared your feelings with me,
Though, I didn’t know that was just the tip of the iceberg,
As I got to know you more,
You reveal yourself as someone whom I never thought I will ever meet,
You are like a one in a thousand, maybe millions,
Thank you for walking into my life.

Happy times ahead, scary times ahead,
Hand me over your hand,
I got all what I need.

Hafsa with her Ayah

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