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God is NOT magic

بسم الله الرخمن الرخيم
With the “ism” of Allah the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful

When atheists accuse theist of believing in a magical god:

Firstly God is transcendent. (meaning: cannot be detected by human senses and incomprehensible to the human mind). Transcendent does NOT mean magical. It does not mean ‘supernatural’. It simply means the human mind cannot grasp that transcendent thing.

To illustrate this, enjoy the talk between a normal man and a blind man;

Normal man: Hi blind man, do you know the red colour exists?
Blind man: What is the red colour?
Normal man: Well, it is a colour…
Blind man: What in the world is colour?
Normal man: well, i don’t know how to explain it to you, but colours do exist.
Blind man: i can’t even comprehend how the colour red would look, you must be talking complete nonsense! How could you believe such a fairy tale?

The dialogue above has demonstrated the absurdity of equating transcendancy with magic. Just because it is impossible for the blind man to comprehend the colour red, that does not mean the colour red never existed. Similarly, just because God’s powers and existence is transcendant, it doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. It simply means our five senses are inadequate to detect the divine reality.

To say that the universe wasn’t created by nothing, didn’t create itself, nor did any created thing created the universe, and not even a transcendant entity created the universe…… now that’s magic!

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  1. Raidah Raidah

    😂😂😂 quite shock read this, , i thought my phone having a problem 😂😂😂😂 ,because this article is short, ,, 😂😂 however the example is fun , overall it’s easy to understand. Good job.

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