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Can we be good without God?

Can we be good without God? A question often posed by the modern human. Atheists, especially, argue that you can be good without God. Even some religious people have this view.

But there’s a BIG problem- what is good? How do we do ‘good’? Everyone has their own definition of what good and bad is. Some say that death penalty is just, while some say it is dehumanizing. So which one is it? Some say abortion should be legal, while some say killing a fetus is just the same as killing a fully-grown man. So which one is it?

Without God there is no yardstick to measure the morality of an action.

In other words, to judge an action as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is only according to preference- assumptions.

According to atheistic worldview there is no God, and so therefore morality is not objective, but subjective. People create their own definition of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Thus if naturalism is true, William Lane Craig states “it becomes impossible to condemn war, oppression, or crime as evil. Nor can one praise brotherhood, equality, or love as good. It does not matter what values you choose—for there is no right and wrong; good and evil do not exist. That means that an atrocity like the Holocaust was really morally indifferent. You may think that it was wrong, but your opinion has no more validity than that of the Nazi war criminal who thought it was good.” [1]

No real solution to achieve peace and justice

Secondly, without God, no one would know the ultimate solution to achieve peace and justice. So far, only God, through His books, can give constructive and proven blueprint to achieve peace, while others who try to achieve peace have so far failed.

Look at the West, how they tried to achieve peace by divorcing state affairs from religion. Things got worse by then.

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  1. Whereas there are occasions when you find yourself getting caught up in your head and over-analyzing things, you have got an innate capacity to be a very sensitive and emotional individual when you’ve gotten a chance to connect with others.

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