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A Guide to Self-Care

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade they say, but then, how? And what’s the significance behind this so called saying that has been going around for centuries? Does this really proof that life IS hard for everyone and there will be a point in our lives that makes us think life is…sour in general? To construe that life, though it may be filled with joy and happiness, there will be a period of time when you got to deal with the sour and make the best out of it, the lemonade.

To put things into light, lemonade, the product is up to the consumer. There can be a myriad types of lemonades to begin with, pink lemonade, healthy lemonade, sugary lemonade and the list goes on. But it comes to mind that we are the ones to ensure how our lemonade tastes like. It’s something personal, the way we perceive things, the words we spit out, the kindness we consume, they all play a vital role in shaping what we truly are.

Japanese saying had it that humans have three faces; the one they show the world, the one they show to the people they’re close with and the one they keep to themselves. They all mean one thing; to let people around us figure our personality out, aka the lemonade. We don’t just make lemonades for ourselves, but gives others the taste of ours. This chain never ends, as our ‘lemonade’ may be duplicated or idolized for others to make one their own. In life, there will be ups and downs, and there will be times when you think you own the world, when you’re on a joyride killing time with laughter and happiness, and there will be times when you have setbacks, and let me tell you something, in the end, it will be okay.

Here are some handy tips we can try to ensure ourselves to have the best time out of the worst time of our life, a guide to self-care.

When the word ‘self-care’ is being said, people tend to think it has something to do with splurging on an expensive spa or shopping designer’s clothing or maybe enjoy a full course meal at a fancy restaurant, and truth be told, though they can be a form of self-care, we would probably end up disappointing ourselves for not being money-wise.

One of the ways to take care of yourself is by reading. Read. Read newspapers, read comic books, read fictions, read religious texts. Read. Though personally I don’t really recommend reading newspapers while you’re feeling down (considering there are tons of bad things going around the globe), but whatever floats your boat. Get lost in literary devices, dive into gargantuan of new words, new knowledge, think. See how language plays a significant role in shaping us, see how maturity comes from reading, and most importantly, be curious. Learn, think. After all, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Enjoy a hell ride of spectrum of emotions while reading, learn to focus on backstories and implement it to ourselves, see how humans were made the same, how one’s story mimics others and last but not least, to liberate our minds yet to be open to new ideas.

Nothing tops a good face masks. In this millennium I think most of the people, specifically the younger generation must at least have a form of face mask, or, for the least, used one, be it their family’s or their friend’s. There are tons of types of faces masks to choose from, sheet mask, clay mask, magnetic mask, you name it all. Try and invest in some good, proper and working (duh) ones and wear it once a week. Enjoy some good tea while reading your favourite novel and MOST importantly, take pictures and post them on Instagram. They’re so fun to play with! Get your besties to wear them with you and despite looking ridiculously funny, your face will get better as well! Masks that hydrate the skin are a MUST. Anyways, it’s time for us to have fun and take care of our skin, kill two birds of one stone, you get me?

Have I mentioned having a nice drink? Be it tea or coffee or an expensive mineral water (cough) like Evian or Fiji, what we consume is what shapes us in the end. Enjoy time making that tea you’ve always wanted but never had time to make. There are plenty of types of tea to begin with, black tea, chamomile tea, whatever you think fits you well, have some time enjoying the them. Hot, cold, mild, they all taste good in the end, and so is your tummy! Perhaps you can have some coffee and get the weekly (or daily, we really don’t judge) dose of caffeine. Look for some good coffee brewer and I guarantee you’d be happy for the rest of your life! Well, you should also face the consequences and be responsible for it later but then, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of brewed coffee once in a while.

TALK. Talk to yourselves, talk to your friends, talk to family. There’s this theory that when you keep your feelings bottled up, you’ll end up overthinking and being stressed over the most trivial things ever. When you share your problems to others (not necessarily someone you know), you’re giving yourself room to be open to ideas, to adapt what other people have been through to your life and to learn from their experiences. You may be surprised by what some people had been through, and sometimes their stories can inspire you. In the end, when you’ve had enough experiences on overcoming a certain obstacle, it is your duty to share it with the people who are going through the obstacle.

Writing also provides a sense of calm and mindfulness to the body and soul. Keep yourself a daily journal, the one you keep next to your bedside table and reach out every night to spill thoughts and words. Let the mind do their talking. You had a bad day? Or an insanely good one? Write them out, you’ll feel released and glad you do so. One day, in a few years, you’ll look through them and see how progressive you’ve been over the past. Indirectly you’re telling yourself that you WILL get over it and things WILL get better, so don’t worry too much. I also recommend writing your blessings out every day, to put things in mind that for the worst, there are still things to be appreciated and cared for. Don’t be stressed over the things that are out of control.

Those were the tips and tricks that I found very useful in order for us to have a self-care regiment especially during the lows of our life. It is crucial to spend some time taking care of ourselves and not be too hard on ourselves. Life is unpredictable, so let’s also be unpredictable. Appreciate life, and make the best out of the best lemonade one can ever make! Good luck.


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