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Super secret weapon | Lessons From the Trenches #013

Dear Friends,

Throughout my journey in money-making, I discovered something that is so powerful beyond what you have ever thought of.

This is not about “the latest hack 2023” or quick rich tactics.

It has nothing to even do with money.

This is a secret weapon, that has the potential to create massive change in the world, either for good or bad.

With this secret weapon, you unlock a secret of the universe long hidden from you by the elites.

You unlock your ability to achieve anything you have ever dreamt of in life.

That weapon is…

…your mind.

How? How are our minds very powerful?

It is because only with belief you persist in doing something incredibly difficult.

If I believe, and really truly believe, that I will be the next Mr. Universe, I most certainly would achieve it.

This concept is dead simple, yet no one would take this advice and properly implement it. Because it’s too good to be true.

I’m not going to convince you otherwise because I have experienced it first hand how it worked.

I couldn’t sleep one night because I felt like I have tried everything to achieve success for my online business. The goal seems so far away.

“Maybe this isn’t for me” – endless cycles of self-doubt and questioning. Even though I know that other had made it.

Even when I started to learn from a millionaire who showed me the way to do copywriting, step-by-step, I still felt like I could never be rich.

It’s like a dream that I could only see but never hold.

Until, one day, I thought:

“I already have the resources. I already have the knowledge. I already have someone guiding me step-by-step. I already know that many people got success through this. The only thing I’m lacking is my faith that this will work out.”

“Perhaps, if I just put my faith in it and truly work on this, I will achieve it.” So I did.

I begin to show up each day and work like it was impossible for me to fail.

Days passed.

Weeks exchanged by weeks.

Then, I made it.

Made my first “grand slam” money – the turning point of my money-making journey.

From then on, the money never seemed to stop – to the point I that I have more clients than I could handle.

I didn’t say this to show that how awesome or tough I was, but I wanted to share with you the power of faith and belief in yourself.

So many people have self-doubt about themselves that have been stopping them from achieving the things that they could have achieved.

I want to ask you, have your own self-limiting beliefs been stopping you from maximizing your true potential?

Or are you letting others use your secret weapon against yourself?

This isn’t just about money.

Understanding this concept will change your whole life…

… your soul, …

… and the world.

“Those who remember GOD standing and sitting and lying on their sides and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: Our Lord! Thou hast not created this in vain! Glory be to Thee; save us then from the chastisement of the fire”

Quran, 3:191

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