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Illusion of rights | Lessons From The Trenches #012

Dear Friends,

Articles 5-13 of the Federal Constitution is a very important chapter because it lays down the individual rights of the people.

The Articles are, as follows:

5. Liberty of the person
6. Slavery and forced labour prohibited
7. Protection against retrospective criminal laws and repeated trials
8. Equality
9. Prohibition of banishment and freedom of movement
10. Freedom of speech, assembly and association
11. Freedom of religion
12. Rights in respect of education
13. Rights to property

Wow, we are such a free country, right? You’re dead wrong!

Article 5, for example, only provides the protection to life of a person “save in accordance with law”

In case you’re wondering, “save” means “except”.

That means, if the government made laws to kill you at will, they literally can. And they have been doing it by killing people who have been in possession of cannabis. Doing God’s job here?

Similarly, Article 10 only allows freedom of speech and association “in accordance with law.”

You still need to ask permission from the Registrar of Societies to form an association under the Societies Act 1966. Please note that the government can “take away” your right simply be declaring your society to be unlawful under the Societies Act 1966.

You still can’t talk about things related to religion, royalty and race without being persecuted under the Sedition Act 1948.

Article 13 says you have the right to your own property, but the government can at any time take your land away under the Land Acquisition Act 1960, and extort you with an arsenal of ways through Sales of Goods Act, Services Tax Act, Income Tax Act, Employee Provident Fund Act, Real Property Gains Tax Act, Companies Act, and the list goes on…

Bro, what’s the point of these rights if the government can trample on them so easily?

Are these rights even real?

Why are these people trying to redefine what is right and wrong?

“Pharaoh said: “O Chiefs! I know of no God for you but myself. Therefore, O Haman! Light me [a kiln] out of clay, and build me a lofty palace that I may mount up to the god of Moses. For verily I believe that Moses is a liar!” “

– Qur’an 28:38

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