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The only way to win the game is by not playing | Lessons From The Trenches #011

Dear Friends,

Sun Tzu said:

“Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy‚Äôs will to be imposed on him.”

You are at war with trillionaire investment firms that holds all the governments in the world by their necks.

They have so much power and influence that the masses work whole day around the clock with very little time for themselves and their family – and they work happily!

This is no longer a David vs Goliath story.

This is ant vs a raging train speeding at 100 mph story.

How can you win?

As Sun Tzu said, you need to be smart enough to resist the will of your enemy. To do that you must not play the game.

You cannot try to be a trillionaire and crush market forces yourself. You cannot persuade governments to do what you want them to do.

The only way is to have a mass exodus leaving the system and let it fall on its own weight.

That is how you win by not playing.

The cycle of civilizations have proven this all throughout history.

That begins with inspiring the people’s minds and hearts and educating them about the realities of the world.

And most importantly,

Have faith and act.

“They planned and GOD planned. And God is the best of planners.”

– Quran, 8:30

Join the resistance.

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