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They don’t care about you | Lessons From The Trenches #010

Dear Friends,

As you all know, I have a bachelors in law (or should I say man-made rules) and I am a student of jurisprudence.

I would like to call your attention to something that disturbed me in the course of my study.

You see…

There is something called “privilege against self incrimination” – which means you have the right to not say something in Court if you know what you said can be used against you.

This is an important human right because it ensures that the government or law (rules) enforcers won’t force you to admit that you are wrong or guilty even when you’re not.

It’s so important that the American founding fathers included this privilege as the “Fifth Amendment” and this privilege is widely recognized under the English Common Law.

However, in Malaysia, this privilege aren’t for normal people like you and me.

Section 132 of the Evidence Act reads:

“A witness shall not be excused from answering any question … that … may tend directly or indirectly to criminate, him, …

But what makes it even worse, is that the god-playing government has this right, as stated in Section 123 and 124 of the Evidence Act.

123. No one shall be permitted to produce any unpublished official records relating to affairs of State, or to give any evidence derived therefrom, except with the permission of the officer at the head of the department concerned…

124. No public officer shall be compelled to disclose communications made to him…

Do you think they really do have our best interests at heart?

“All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us”

– Michael Jackson.

“And they (the elites) planned a tremendous conspiracy”

-Quran, 71:22

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