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Law is Fake | Lessons From the Trenches #004:

Dear Friends,

I hope you know the difference between “Rules” and “Law.” This is fundamental if you don’t want to get cooked in this cruel world.

Wait, what? You don’t know the difference? Let me explain to you like you’re five years old.

Law means the way that things are supposed to be.

Someone hit you at the back and robbed you in daylight?

You have every absolute right in this world to fight back and get your money back. This is the law.

Forget everything what you knew before this about what “law” means. Doesn’t matter what Section 56 of the Penal Code or what the Anti-Guns Act say, having the right to initiate force to protect your own property IS the law, and it is unchangeable.

And it doesn’t matter which time and place you are in. Doesn’t matter which government you are in.

Law = the way things are supposed to be.

IT IS THAT SIMPLE, but people make it so complicated.

Next are rules. Rules are things that PEOPLE or a certain group of people want it to be a certain way.

For example, when you step into my house, you better take off the shoes. Those are rules.

When you park your car, you pay your parking ticket, because you abide by the rules.

Rules are created by man.

It does not have cosmic significance.

So if I didn’t pay the parking ticket it doesn’t mean I have broken the law. I just didn’t abide by the RULES.

This is where many people are confused.

Anti-Terrorism Act, Anti-Guns Act, Taxation Act, Freedom Act, Court Procedure Act, Contracts Act, Sugar Act, Health Act, Corona Act, Treason Act, Finance Act, Companies Act, Unicorn Act, I ain’t your mom Act, Shut-up-or-you-are-a-bigot Act, Anti Andrew Tate Act, Supercaligraglisticexpialidocious Act, [insert word] Act- These are all Rules, not Law.

All the myriad of 700,000+ enactments passed by Parliament you heard or never heard of are “rules”, not law.

Law are universal moral codes, unchanged by time and place. Rules made by man in parliament cannot possibly be law because they are “made” and they are different in each country and states.

Law is found, not made. Rules are made.

I hope by now, you understand the difference. If not, read again until you understand because the fate of your spiritual health depends on whether you truly understand this.

Now, why should you care about this?

As I said, your spiritual emancipation from the evil, crooked, darkness of Satan’s trickery heavily relies on you understanding this difference.

The blurred line between law and rules are one of the greatest schemes satan has ever employed in order to enslave humankind.

How, you ask?

How do two words change everything?

Understand this: Words shape thoughts. And thoughts shape actions.

First of all, if law is found and not made, there must be a Lawgiver. And the Lawgiver is, through deductive logic and sound intuition, must be the Creator of the Universe.

When Law is redefined to be what is written in the books of man, it shifts the honorary title of Lawgiver from God to man. And that is evil to the infinite degree (literally).

Secondly, when law is redefined to be enactments, morality becomes meaningless. How many times have you heard people conflating man-made rules for the moral thing to do?

“Bro, pay your taxes. It’s the law.”

“Pay the ticket fines. It’s the law.”

“Sorry ma’am. You have to follow these guidelines even if they make zero sense. It’s the law”

No, it’s not the law. Those are just rules.

You see, there is some sort of SANCTIFICATION to the word “LAW” in the hearts and minds of humans.

That’s why they use the word “Law” to make you confused.

Truth, morality, honour, and ultimately GOD – this is the LAW. It is always morally correct. It is set in stone.

Rules can be either morally right or not.

Reflect and think with a healthy mind.

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