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Do you believe in Fairy Tales? | Lessons From the Trenches #003

Dear Friends,

The story of Abraham’s sacrifice marks the pinnacle of faith in God.

It is faith in its pristine form, making him superior over all creation and being most loved by God.

But here’s what you don’t know:

Anyone can achieve faith like Abraham has.

I’m not saying it is easy, I’m saying it is possible.

You have to truly and utterly believe that you will have the faith and perserverance of Abraham.

“But he’s a prophet of God!”

Yes, he is. He is also a human.

Think about this:

Why would God ever put in the Quran the story of Abraham attempting to sacrifice his son if God knows that humans will never achieve such faith and bravery of Abraham?

God knows you are strong, God knows you are worthy. That is why he put the story of Abraham in the Quran so that you can aspire to be like him.

The story of Abraham is not just a childhood story you read to a 5 year old and has no significance to your life whatsoever.

Rather, it’s the gold standard you should strive to achieve.

But you have to truly believe. Because if you don’t, then you won’t even try.

Not trying is 1000x worse than failing.

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